When To Repair or Replace a Boiler!

When to repair a boiler and when to replace your boiler and radiators?

When to repair? 

This is a old question I get a lot of times from customers when i visit them. You have to take into consideration age of the boiler, cost of the parts and repair and condition of the boiler and central heating system. 

When the boiler is older than 12  yrs old and, the cost of parts like main heat exchangers come in from £350 to £700 for the part alone ,then there is Labour costs of 3 to 4 hrs for said part swap.  At a  cost of £65 to 90 per hour depending on which company you use. We are £65 per hour for normal in hrs (office hrs). 

On rare occasions there also may be further parts needed, that will have to be assessed before and during the repair,because  the boiler may not have been looked after and serviced/maintained for some reasonable time. 

If a boiler repair is costing less than £300 to repair then generally i would tell the customer to go ahead with the repair, but depending on brand and make of boiler ,the age and condition. 

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